Announcing Decaf Sucks 1.1

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Decaf Sucks on the iPhone. Our first release has run smoothly for a year and a half, helping many thousands of iPhone owners find better coffee. Thanks to our well caffeinated contributors, nearly half of our reviews are now submitted from the app.

On this note, we’re very excited to announce the release of Decaf Sucks version 1.1 in the App Store. This release makes it even easier to contribute reviews with the addition of Facebook login support (now available wherever Decaf Sucks exists).

We’ve also added support for the iOS 6 and the larger iPhone 5 display, as well as giving the app some extra polish all around. In particular, our overseas friends can rest easy, because the distance to your favourite cafes is now reported in miles or kilometres based on the device’s region format setting.

Decaf Sucks 1.1 is still free and waiting for you in the App Store. Get it now and find some great coffee near you!

Read on for a full list of all the things we’ve changed.

New features:

  • Login with Facebook to write reviews
  • Support for the larger iPhone 5 display
  • Distance units are localised into miles or kilometres based on the device’s settings
  • iOS 6 compatibility updates

Other improvements:

  • When setting a cafe’s location, show a callout above the map pin to make it clear that it can be dragged around.
  • When setting a cafe’s location, ensure that the pin is actually draggable on the first tap.
  • When setting a cafe’s location, always show a proper full address after dragging the pin around.
  • Show a proper non-retina image for the back button’s pressed state.
  • Fix a bug that sometimes caused the map view to start very zoomed out.
  • When a review is completely empty, make sure the “Post” button stays disabled.
  • Ensure the map for a single cafe encompasses the current location, if it is nearby.
  • Fix a bug that led to some reviews being set to Hyderabad, India. Yes, this was really weird.

Decaf Sucks 1.1 is available in the App Store now.

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