Podcast interview: Remote Ruby

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of participating in my first podcast interview! I joined Jason and Chris for Episode 30 of Remote Ruby. We talked about my getting started with programming, then some of the origins and motivations behind Icelab, dry-rb, and rom-rb. It was a lot of fun!

In fact, while you’re there, I’d recommend just going ahead and subscribing to the whole Remote Ruby podcast. Jason and Chris are gracious hosts, enthusiastic about Ruby and its future, and have a knack for getting interesting guests: every time a new episode comes out, it goes straight to the top of my queue.

I first met Jason when I visited Nashville for Southeast Ruby in 2017. Even in the midst of his final-day conference preparations (and he was organizing this thing solo!), he took a couple of hours to hang out with me and nerd out on all things Ruby. This exemplifies the kind of person he is, and I’m really glad that he and Chris are bringing this same brand of hospitality to the community at large through their podcast.

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