Sharing my Hanami 2 application template

We’ve been hard at work building Hanami 2 for a while now, but the truth is, it’ll be a while still until it’s truly ready.

In the meantime, I’ve put together an Hanami 2 application template that reflects how I’m currently using various Hanami 2 components within the applications I develop day-to-day.

It currently consists of:

  • The Hanami 2 application core
  • Hanami router
  • Hanami controller and view manually integrated into the app (along with some helpers for rendering views within actions)
  • rom-rb configured to use a Postgres database
  • A bin/run CLI with some extra commands to help you work with the database (db create, db migrate, db create_migration, etc.)
  • A little static assets manager built using Webpack, along with an assets helper object for use within views
  • A fully configured RSpec setup

If you want to begin exploring the ideas and features of Hanami 2, all while the framework is still under active development, this template is a great way to get started! As the framework improves, I’ll keep this template updated alongside it.

Fair warning: this template comes with no documentation and no support, but hopefully the code can serve as a helpful guide for those willing to dig around.

Please go ahead and check out the template! I’m excited to share this early look into the Hanami 2 app development experience. Even at this early stage, it’s a framework that gives me great joy to use every day. 🌸

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