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I’ve joined GitHub’s sponsors program.

Here’s my pitch:

I love Ruby. I’ve worked with Ruby for nearly 20 years, and even after all this time, it still brings me joy!

My mission in open source is to ensure the joy of Ruby extends to the experience of writing real, maintainable applications, for teams of all sizes.

For me, this comes from following a hybrid FP/OOP approach to writing Ruby, and for the last 6+ years, I’ve been helping to build tools to make this easy for application developers.

I’m a co-founder and core team member of the dry-rb project, and a core team member of the rom-rb and Hanami projects.

Right now, I’m heavily involved in the effort to build Hanami 2.0, which represents a new model for Ruby open source collaboration, and will provide a true framework of the future for Ruby application developers.

I do the majority of my open source work as my “second job,” on nights and weekends. Your kind support will help sustain me in these efforts.

Thank you! 🙏🏼

I love contributing to the Ruby OSS ecosystem. But a labour of love is still a labour. Right now I‘m working hard towards building Hanami 2, and have come to realise this is the single biggest effort I’ve made in OSS so far. There’s a lot to do, and it’s taking many hours over evenings and weekends.

This is where GitHub sponsorships come in. My plan for these is not to take my OSS work full-time or anything like that. I love the job I already have and I’ll be continuing my OSS contributions regardless. What the sponsorships will provide are small, tangible gestures of thanks that will go a long way towards making my OSS efforts feel sustainable.

I’m delighted to report that these really do make a difference, because I already feel it from my first two sponsors! Thank you so much, Benjamin and Jason!

As an added means of giving back, I’m using this a motivation to write more here, both summarising the work I’m doing in OSS each month as well as delving deeper into some of the software design ideas I’ve been kicking around all these years.

If any of this sounds good to you, I’d appreciate your support. Thank you very much!

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