Philly.rb talk on hanami-view 2.0

Last month I had the honour of speaking at Philly.rb’s first remote meetup!

I took the opportunity to revise my year-ago talk about dry-view and update it for our current plans for hanami-view 2.0.

You can watch along here:

Doing a talk like this for a fully-remote audience was tricky. With its narrative structure and dramatic premise, I rely on audience cues to make sure I’m hitting the mark. Here, I just had to passionately project into the void… and hope it landed!

Fortunately, the Philly.rb crew was great, and the “after show” was where the remote format really excelled. A bunch of great questions came up, and I was able to jump into screen-sharing mode and do an interactive session on how both view rendering and the broader framework will hang together for Hanami 2.0.

All up, I really enjoyed the session. Thank you Ernesto for facilitating it! With our limited travel possibilities right now, I’d love to do this a little more: please reach out if you’d be interested in me contributing to your remote conference or meet-up.

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