Open source status update, December 2021 and January 2022

I’ve been on an absolute tear with my OSS work lately. I’ve been feeling such good momentum that every time I got a moment at the computer, I just had to keep pushing forward with code rather than writing one of these updates. Now that there’s been a couple of Hanami releases and a big dry-system one since the my last update, it’s time for a roundup.

The best thing about the last two months was that I took the first two week in January off from work, and dedicated myself 9-5 to OSS while everyone was still on holidays (the reality was probably more like 10am-4pm then 9pm-12am, but I was having too much fun to stop). This allowed me to get through some really chunky efforts that would’ve been really hard to string along across post-work nighttime efforts alone.

All of this has meant I’ve got a lot to get through here, so I’m going to revert to dot list form with at most a comment or two, otherwise I’ll never get this post done (and you probably won’t want to read it all anyway). Here goes:

Last week I released all of that dry-system work in version 0.23.0, officially our biggest release ever (go read the release notes!). We’re now looking really close to a 1.0 release for dry-system, with just a few things left to go.

I then updated Hanami to use this latest dry-system (including all the updated terminology) and support partial slice imports and exports, which we then released as Hanami 2.0.0.alpha6 just a few days ago.

Getting to this point was a lot of work, and it represents a big milestone in our Hanami 2.0 journey. I’m extremely grateful that I could make this my sole focus for a little while.

Thank you to my sponsors ❤️

My work in Ruby OSS is kindly supported by my GitHub sponsors.

Thank you in particular to Jason Charnes and now also Seb Wilgosz (of HanamiMastery) for your support as my upper tier sponsors!

The 22 dot points in this post show that Hanami 2 is truly getting closer, but there are many dots left to go. I’d love for your support too in helping make this happen.

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