Salubrious Ruby

I’ve been writing Ruby for over 21 years now — over half my life! — and in this time, I’ve learnt so much about both the language as well as software development in general. You might have noticed some of the products of that learning in my open source contributions, chiefly the dry-rb and Hanami projects.

I honestly feel blessed to have found a language that could accompany me on a learning journey over so many years.

For much of my time with Ruby, I worked with a tight-knit group of people: the developers at Icelab, and my OSS collaborators. Over the last few years, however, I’ve had the good fortune of working with a much larger group of Rubyists at Culture Amp, and have had many opportunities to share what goes into making a good Ruby application.

There’s little I enjoy more than talking quality code, but lately I’ve been so focused on shipping said code, that I haven’t taken much time to step back and acknowledge what I’ve learnt along the way.

With this announcement, I’m hoping to change this, and create a little accountability for myself along the way! So with no further ado, let me announce a new series here on this little blog, which I’m calling Salubrious Ruby.

I hope you’ll join me while I share the things both big and small that go into making a healthy, wholesome Ruby application!

As I go, I’ll keep pointers to all the articles below:

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