Open source status update, August 2023

After last month’s omnibus update, I’m back again, so soon!

August turned out to bring a lot of forward motion for our work on Hanami’s front end assets support. While Luca was taking his summer break, I carried on his work preparing hanami-assets 2.1 and its integration into the Hanami framework. Last week we caught up for a quick chat about these, and now both are merged!

Personally, I think this was an exciting evolution of how Luca and I work together. While previously we each took care of fairly distinct lines of work (there was enough to do, after all!), here we literally worked in tandem on one specific area, and it came out great!

Luca and I also hopped on another video call during August, this time with Seb Wilgosz of Hanami Mastery to record a special core team interview for the site’s 50th episode! I really enjoyed the chance to answer community questions about Hanami, and personally, it was a moment of reassurance that we’re still on the right track and are delivering useful things to people.

The episode isn’t published yet, but one thing that did arise from the episode is a new Hanami 2.1 GitHub project that I put together for tracking our remaining work for the release. Previously, this was in Trello, and with the move to GitHub I hope it will make not our remaining work move visible, but also create clearer opportunities for potential contributors.

Now, with those big two PRs merged and our remaining work more clearly listed, the pace is picking up! We’re now at the point where we can focus on the direct user experience of working with assets within a full Hanami app. I expect a lot will shake out from this in quick order. But more on that next month!

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